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Red Bull is a powerhouse beverage supplier known worldwide. They have the highest market share of any energy drink on the market, but the Red Bull brand stretches far beyond beverages. They have an expansive base, sponsoring athletes, live events, and TV experiences. With countless events both digital and physical, that continue to grow, we explored how augmented reality could be leveraged to provide additional digital touchpoints encourage consumer interaction and to funnel traffic to online platforms.


We leveraged mobile AR technology to develop a conceptual demo that aimed to offer an easy, accessible, and innovative way for a customer to interact with content and advertising. This cutting-edge idea was transformed into a mobile app that allowed users to simply open their phone’s camera app and point it at a company’s printed marketing material, such as packaging, magazines, billboards, t-shirts, and display art.


These materials acted as triggers launching Red Bull marketing content on their phones, which would increase the number of customer touchpoints and fully engage consumers. As our proof of concept, we created stickers that, when in view of the smartphone’s camera, activated Red Bull’s advertising video. We turned this concept around quickly and have partnered with Red Bull on projects since then to continue delivering the same kinds of innovative solutions.

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