Mobile, Desktop
Research: Interviews, Diary Study, Survey, Experience Probing, Co-Design Activities
Design: UX/UI, Interaction Design, Visual Design
Development: Website Development

The automotive experience is constantly innovating and evolving. When Intel came to us to explore the advances and future of technology experiences that could be possible within cars, our team got to work conducting an iterative, but agile, research and design process that included: understanding user wants and expectations through interviews, diary studies, surveys, experience probing, and co-design activities, as well as the creation of several conceptual prototypes.


All project deliverables and findings were shared with our client through a drivable website experience that matched the innovative spirit of the project and could be easily shared and followed by internal teams. Whether it’s “navigating” the website like you would navigate to a new destination or going to your garage to see all of your files and downloads, the solution was engaging and shared a story with internal stakeholders. 

The Challenge

The project was all about exploring an unknown. Intel wanted to redefine what the future of the automotive experience could be as technology develops, creating a solution that would shape the future of cars. Our role was to uncover and envision potential areas of growth and innovation that haven’t yet been tapped into. To explore this unknown, we conducted various forms of research including ethnography, technical research, and landscape analysis and pushed what it meant to visit a traditional website to enhance this futuristic automotive solution experience.


Design and Research: Side By Side

Our team was exploring what was not yet a reality in the current automotive experience, and the design and research teams worked hand in hand to discover and create concepts. We started by conducting experience research to quickly immerse ourselves in a new car driving experience to discover what makes a great driving experience, what kinds of relationships people have with their cars, and investigate different design directions of interest that could be further explored and brought to life.


Exploring The Unknown

The overarching goal of this project was to give our client rich and usable insights into various possible consumer experiences in the vehicle, to create an enjoyable, intuitive, and safe experience outside of what already exists. Our team explored various areas focused on an innovative car experience mindset such as adding vibrant personalities to interactions, understanding how verbosity and control enhance or interrupt the experience, and various forms of interaction between a user and their car. An iterative and agile process was put in place to create and validate conceptual directions to create a solution that was truly unique but always customer-centered. 



Designing For The Future

Part of being tasked with designing for an experience that has yet to be created meant that our team got the chance to innovate, invent, and imagine a completely new experience and break boundaries set in place by the automotive industry while incorporating users’ needs and desires. Our designs explore in-traffic experiences and redefine what it might mean to personalize and share your in-car experience.


A Website To Fit The Solution

We created a website experience that enhanced and aligned the futuristic mindset of this project with an easily shareable and digestible delivery format for internal teams. Taking what it means to explore a website and discover new information to the next level, our website mimics the in-car experience and everything automotive. All findings, research videos, reports and recommendations can be found in a chronological and neatly organized site that engages stakeholders and answers their questions. 


We created a unique and one of a kind website experience that mimics the driving experience that allows an easily shareable way to deliver insights to internal team members and personnel throughout the company and showcase the innovation and future directions that research findings could be applied towards.  Redefining what it means to scroll on a website, our solution highlights key information while also keeping you engaged intrigued to learn more.

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