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Alain Pinel Realtors is one of the largest private real estate firms in the world and approached us to revamp their user experience and digital strategy to help position themselves against other competing online real-estate platforms and resources. To give Alain Pinel a competitive edge in a data-driven industry, we invented a new approach to presenting properties and managing client and agenct interaction. The collaborative platform we created empowers agents to provide a concierge-like experience to home buyers to exceed sales and simplify the process.

Real estate is an industry with a strong focus on data, analytics, and trends but it is equally important to put the customer at the center in everything real-estate agents do. Alain Pinel Realtors understood this balance and wanted to re-design its online digital strategy to harness these key factors and innovative to help them stay ahead of the plethora of competitors and other real estate resources out there.


The customer and agent experiences are unique but needed to seamlessly come together to provide a holistic real estate experience. The digital experience we set out to create complemented real, meaningful relationships between the users and their real estate agents, while allowing each user to accomplish their goals within the single platform. 


Understanding The Problem Space


In a fast-paced industry, real estate agents juggle multiple responsibilities, properties, and clients daily, having their hands in each step of the process from initial property showings to closing a deal. Our team wanted to better understand the agents’ goals and needs as users and got to know how agents worked with their clients day-to-day, observing them throughout a normal workday with in-field research. Insights from our in-the-field analysis identified key goals and pain points that needed to be solved throughout our design process.


Integrated Design

We set out to create a UX strategy and design that incorporated user insights and satisfied both the agent and customer needs. The design unified the two unique user experiences, the buyer and the agent, which with their own goals and tasks, but allowed for each party to view what was most important to them at any given moment. For buyers, they could shop the market for their new dream home and tour a home effortlessly. While agents could efficiently identify their responsibilities to track and close deals with ease. Alain Pinel Realtors could now also use their new digital platform to give agents the ability to identify data and trends easily, making the data more useful, and help foster real and meaningful relationships with their clients.

Platform Overhaul 


We immersed ourselves in the existing Alain Pinel system and did a complete overhaul of the disconnected apps and tools and created a single, unified platform for both the agents and their clients resulting in a single platform that could be used by multiple parties to accomplish their goals. 


The final solution gave Alain Pinel Realtors the competitive edge they needed to position themselves against other platforms and resources by putting the user, whatever their role in the home buying process, at the center of the entire digital strategy. In an industry with such a strong focus on data, analytics and trends, the design successfully presents homeowners, buyers, and real estate agents with contextual, visual information to make data more useful. The final solution addressed the needs of multiple user groups allowing agent's jobs to become streamlined while buying and selling a home became simple and intuitive.

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