Emerging Technologies
Research: Focus Group
Design: UX/UI, Visual Design, Branding
Development: Website Development
Strategy: Market Differentiation

As a new augmented reality company, Aromni came to us to define their brand and stand out in the market. Through the creation of marketing assets, key messaging, a website redesign, and a compelling demo concept, we helped Aromni push the vision of their technology further with “wow factor” details.

The Challenge

Despite their strong Augmented Reality (AR) platform and advanced capabilities, Aromni was having trouble gaining market attention. They did not know how to differentiate themselves as a new company and illustrate the value of their technology. A major opportunity arose as Aromni was selected to attend and compete as a startup for funding at WebSummit, a large technology conference in Europe. For investors to buy into technology, they had to present compelling use cases that highlight their value.


Understand What People Want

To better understand compelling use cases for AR applications, we recruited potential platform users and brought them to our on-site research lab. The focus group concentrated on points of interest, frustrations with current AR offerings, and concerns with the use of the technology.

Market-Ready Solution

From our focus group findings, we created a compelling demo concept that understood technology requirements and user boundaries such as privacy restrictions and intended use. These designs illustrated interesting AR use cases with a branded visual design layer to produce a punchy, usable design.

Conference Materials and Redesign

We created all conference material including a pitch deck, presentation, T-shirt design, and business cards for them to bring to the conference.


Aromni’s previous website included colorful branding and entertainment-related demos, which failed to differentiate them in the market. We redesigned their website to achieve a dramatic look, powerful messaging, and exciting use cases for their advanced technology.


When Aromni came to us with a need, we gave them a holistic solution. Defining their narrative and designing the marketing assets to back it up gave them the tools they needed to gain market attention. Our final deliverables to the Aromni team included a website redesign, pitch deck, business cards, conference t-shirts, and demo concepts to communicate the value of Aromin's AR technology and use cases. 

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