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AutoX is a scrappy AI startup taking on big self-driving vehicle brands to bring universal access to autonomous technology. As a young startup, looking for funding, they needed to quickly rebrand their logo and website design to attract investors and support their technology and brand mission. We stepped in to help quickly refresh the brand in time for their next pitch.

AutoX's unique technology can be applied to different types of vehicles, and as a young startup, there were multiple paths their technology could pursue. What started as grocery delivery bots has since expanded into self-driving taxis and trucks. When we started working with AutoX, it was clear that their branding needed to support their growing offering while also attracting investors, potential partners, and consumers.


Our challenge lied in creating a brand look that communicated the potential of the technology to attract business titans, while being approachable and friendly to the people who would be riding inside a vehicle with this technology.


Understanding the Mission

To understand the company, mission and technology we were rebranding, we paid a visit to AutoX’s US headquarters in San Jose, CA. After speaking with the executive team, engineers behind the technology and seeing the autonomous vehicles in action, we quickly got to work developing concepts to visually represent their mission: democratize autonomy safely and reliably.

Exploring a Logo Refresh

AutoX’s logo needed to be friendly and approachable to appeal to consumers who would be inside the vehicles with the technology. Multiple concepts and color studies were created upfront to zero in on what would be the final look. The final design the AutoX team chose featured an eye-catching aqua color that balances being a fresh and modern tech company with a sense of friendliness and trustworthiness. The logo pays tribute to the “X” in the company name and is personified by adding eyes to the logo to represent AutoX’s delivery robots themselves.

Creating a Scalable Website

Within days, our design team turned around multiple wireframe concepts focusing on the framework of the site. As a young company, the site needed to be able to grow as the company did. The goal of the site was to showcase the technology and individual robots’ capabilities in a way that was easily digestible and visually interesting. Two look and feel options were created and presented to the executive team after which aspects of both directions were fused to create the final look.

“It was really exciting to collaborate with this innovative team working on game-changing technology. Fun challenge to illustrate a world of self-driving robot assistants in an accessible and engaging way.” 

Blair Koeneman

Our website design featured a modern layout and use of dramatic ‘X’ shapes echoed throughout the page to create an intriguing and unique look that feels closely tied to the brand. We used AutoX’s robots throughout the page to not only feature the technology, but weave page sections together through interesting shapes and overlapping objects. The vibrant aqua color from the logo is brought into the website offering pops of color while maintaining a structured and professional look overall.  


Our logo design can be seen on the side of AutoX's robotic fleets around Silicon Valley, California and parts of China. 

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